About Megan


Welcome! I’m Megan, a nineteen year old university student from Manchester who has finally decided to bite the bullet and start a blog.

My reason for starting a blog is simple; I love writing and have done from a very early age. At the age of 9 I’d make magazines for Nana, cutting and sticking the latest fashion from mum’s recycled magazines onto the page. Now here I am – (hopefully) expanding my audience beyond family and embracing the ability to reach out to people pretty much everywhere through the power of words (and a good internet connection, of course).


Anyone that knows me will know I’m a chatterbox so I’m never short of things to talk about – hence why I chose a name for my blog that doesn’t limit what I can post! As a city-break enthusiast, a self-confessed foodie and an avid music fan my love for travelling, food and music are probably the most likely inspirations behind my posts. That said, I’ll be talking to you all about anything I find interesting, inspiring and, most importantly, anything I think is worth sharing with you all.

I’m entirely new to this blogging malarkey and I wouldn’t say I’m exactly clued up when it comes to technology but I’ll give it a go – do stick around for the ride!

Also feel free to follow me on Instagram, it’s @meganblogsabout!

Megan x

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